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Where are they?

Below: Nick’s 2013 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike Attempt

4 Responses to Where are they?

  1. Mom

    Hi Sweetie, Hope your day is full of new experiences and fullfills your anticipated dreams! So excited for you and your daily insights! Take care and be safe!! Love you! MOM

  2. Aunt Joanne

    Hi Nick, I have been with you tracking you down. WOW!!!!! Some of your pictures are amazing!! Sometimes I wish I was single and had lots of time this would be awesome! Please take care and be safe. Gus is getting big. How”$ your dog doing? LOVE Aunt Joanne

  3. Ryan Palmer

    keep on at it buddy and please be safe

    • Ryan Palmer

      not meant to be as gay as it…….just journey safe

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