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Day 86, June 8th

Posted by on June 8, 2013

In Daleville, VA. I am at AT trail mile 703.7. I am not going to bother updating past days. Too much typing on my iPhone. I really need to start updating this daily again.

Been doing pretty good. Going to McAffee Knob and Tinker Cliffs tomorrow. Awesome place from what I hear and the pictures I have seen.

Had to hike out off the trail a couple days ago to avoid the tropical storm. Me and Gus got soaked. We had to take a 20 minute ride in the bed of pickup truck in pouring rain. Although fun, it was a very wet experience.

Made it to Daleville, VA with Munich Bear and Gretal. Couple of hikers from Germany I have been running into the last couple days. Had a good time helping with their English and learning about cultural differences between the US and Germany. Interesting stuff.

Took a couple zero days here to avoid the storm and check out a hiker festival in Troutville, VA. Not bad, but nothing like Trail Days in Damascus.

Charged up all my electronics and went though my gear again. Seems I have everything buttoned up pretty well for the foreseeable future. Should be around 20-25lbs with 4-5 days of food for me and Gus.

Been really disappointed with the Revolution Tick, Flea, and Heartworn treatment I am giving Gus. I find about 10-20 ticks a day on Gus. It’s a tedious task to pull them off and kill them. I feel bad for Gus having to endure those things and removal. If anyone has a better idea or medication to use please let me know. Lyme disease is the last thing I want him to contract. At least I have not seen any deer ticks yet, just dog ticks.

I have only had one tick attach. I usually get to them before they bite. I think it may be time to invest in some DEET. Bugs are getting progressively worse as the weather gets warmer. Other than the bugs, it is beautiful watching winter turn to spring. The forest is green and full of life.

Animal update: I have seen too many deer to count in Virginia. Including seeing a newborn fawn and it’s mom. Very awesome. Another very exciting siting was of 4 bears heading up to the Audie Murphy Monument on Brushy Mountain. First bear siting on the AT. There was a mama bear and her three cubs climbing trees. Never seen cubs before in the wild. Spectacular. They looked like monkeys climbing and swinging from branch to branch. Snakes abound out here. Seen lots of black snakes. Also started seeing lizards and salamanders more frequently.

Since my mental issues in Bland, VA I have realized that I really love being out here. Slowing down and taking everything in has really helped me keep the joy of this adventure in the forefront of my mind. I realize more each day how I like to hike solo more than with a group. I’m not an extrovert off the trail so I guess I should not be surprised I am not one on the trail. Everything just seems to go more smoothly and more enjoyably when I’m surrounded by no one but myself, Gus, and the trail. Can keep my own pace and decide when to stop or how long to break without having to vote by committee. Anyways, cliche, but I guess the adage “hike your own hike” really does ring true.

Until the next time. Carpe Diem. Enjoy getting up and going to work. šŸ˜›

6 Responses to Day 86, June 8th

  1. Paula

    You can use the dictating function to post from your phone. It works pretty well. I started using it. You have to clean it up a bit, but it’s really not too bad.

  2. Ryan

    I am glad you made it through the storm…I was wondering since you hadn’t updated in awhile. Sorry to hear about Gus’s tick issue. I am not familiar with revolution, but K9 advantix II works well for our city dogs. It doesn’t handle heartworm, so you would need a separate oral treatment like heartgard or interceptor. Inteceptor fights whipworm, too. It may be worth doing a flea collar as well but am not sure if you can do both advantix and flea collar together. Glad you found yourself while finding yourself!

    Keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight! And all then other cliche motivational cheers!

    Oh and the work comment….gfys

  3. Doug Knox

    Hey Nick,
    I enjoy following your adventure. I will be starting SOBO in a few weeks.
    I use Advantage for my dog andI have also used Revolution. (Haven’t noticed a difference in results between the two.) When we go hiking I also put a flea collar on her AND light amount of DEET on problem areas when tics are really bad.

  4. Memere

    Hi Nick: Always looking forward to hear about your hiking adventure. Its always interesting to know how you and Gus are doing. Hopefully you’ll be able to get the right medication Gus heatworm and ticks, I’m sure you hate to see him uncomfortable with this situation. You’ll certainly have lots of great memories. and beautiful sceneries to bring back with you. Where I am living now, there’s lots of wood, we saw a Baby Fawn following its Mother. The Mother jumped over the fence, but the baby Fawn just watched her , so the Mother came back and jumped again and waited so the baby Fawn decided to go under the fence and follow its Mother, Its was quite beautifull to watch. Well Nick, Gus take good care of yourselves, Safe Journey, Happy Trail, God BlessYou & Gus!!!! Love You, Memere

  5. Memere

    Hi Nick: Read your message about Gus , having a hard time with ticks, I read in a magazine about how good K9 Advantix is very good for ticks and fleas etc.for dogs. Hope and Pray Gus Dosn’t get lymes disease. I’m sure your doing your best to keep him healthy. So Good Luck!! Happy Trail, Keep on Writing! Always looking forward to hear from you and Gus. God Bless!! Love You, Memere

  6. Memere

    Well Nick. I guess this is Aurevoir for now. I truly enjoyed your writing about your App. Trip. Thank You so much for letting me be able to follow you along the trail. Wishing you all the very Best Always. same for Gus. Take Care & Rest. God Bless!! Love You, Memere

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