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Day 74, May 27th

Posted by on May 27, 2013

Long time without and update so here it goes.

So since my last blog post I took 5 more zero days. I needed a break from hiking. I was getting bored and lost the motivation and reason why I am on this adventure. Did a lot of thinking and think I’ve got it handled. So I am have been back on the trail for 3 days.

First day back I did 16.3 miles from Helvey Mills shelter just North if Bland, VA to Trent’s Grocery. I met Scott and Sherry Blevins who were a very nice couple doing a three day section. I ran into them a bunch. They were very nice and we had some good times. Hopefully they made it back to there car safe and have a safe trip back home.

Second day back I hiked 14.9 miles from Trent’s to Woods Hole Hostel. Pretty cool place in the middle of the mountains. Old cabin from the late 1800s. They had chickens, pigs, and an awesome garden. The second best homemade breakfast I have had on the trail.

Third day back, today, I hiked 10.4 miles into Pearisburg, VA. Saw two deer today on the trail. Really reminded me why I am here. To enjoy the mountains and take in all it has to offer. Made my day. I am sitting in a really bad motel right now. Avoid the Holiday Motor Lodge if you ever happen to visit Pearisburg. It’s cheap, the only good thing I have to say about it. Just finished packing my food bag up from my earlier trip to the Food Lion. So much food… Maybe the heaviest my pack has been since the first week. But I can eat as much as I want and that makes me happy.

So there it is. Back on the trail. Feeling good.

Thanks to one of my best friends, Gent, for listening to me whine about my vacation and threatening violence if I don’t finish. Very encouraging because I think she would do it. πŸ˜‰

Talk with you all again soon!

5 Responses to Day 74, May 27th

  1. Memere

    Glad to hear you’re back on the trail again, with a renewed spirit. And that you had a chance to rest a while, I’m sure you needed a break. It’s great to know that your meeting lots of nice people along the way, especially to fellowship with. Just like the song goes ” He’s got the whole world in His Hands”, well, Nick, your never alone, God is watching over you, and He has you in the Palm of His Hands. How do I know? Because you are in my daily prayers. I’m sure everyone who knows you are thinking of you & cheering you on with theirprayers. I know you can do it. I’m really excited, Real Proud of You< So keep on trucking!! Happy Trail, Stay Healthy, Safe Journey, Lots Love, God Bless!!! Memere

  2. GentleyBT

    Love you buddy, glad you took my weak attempt to threaten you seriously πŸ˜›

  3. Footloose (Scott Blevins)

    Hey, Sticks and Gus!
    It was great hiking with you and Gus; we really enjoyed it. According to Max Factor, (the Trail Angel at the foot of Angels’ Rest at VA 634) we were only about a 1/2 hour behind you. About half way into the hike, Fancyfree (Sheri), “turned her foot/ankle”. She hiked on but experienced a great deal of pain. She went to her doctor yesterday and he x-rayed it and sent her to an orthopedic doctor who determined that she has a broken bone in her foot. No hiking for at least twelve weeks.
    We wish you the best and will continue to follow you on your blog and keep you in our prayers!


  4. Ryan

    Keep it up, mang. You can dooo it!

  5. Section Rob


    Been watching over the site- haven’t forgot you’all πŸ˜‰ Can’t express the AT spirit you and Gus brought into my hike on Roan Mountain over the days.


    It’s not the miles
    It’s the number of smiles

    Safe Steps and God Bless

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