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Day 53, May 6th

Posted by on May 8, 2013

Woke up to rain again this morning. Conferred with the other guys in the shelter and decided to wait it out.

Sun came out around 10:30am and I was on the trail by 11:00am. Weird day. Went from cold and windy to hot and humid. I felt disgusting. Dirty, sweaty, and just wanting to take a shower.

Made it to the creeper trail around 1:00pm and at some lunch on an old railroad bridge. The river beside must have been 3-4 feet over normal stage. It was rushing fast and muddy. Too much rain!

The weather started to look bad once I made it the 6.4 miles to the Lost Mountain Shelter. Once I ducked my head into the shelter it starts raining again. Planned in doing 18.6 miles today but I’m just going to stay here with the guys from last night. No motivation to hike up over 5000 feet in this crappy weather.

Me and Gus are sitting in the tent listening to the rain. I may do some reading after I finish catching up with the blog.

Behind the confederate goat herd by a day I think. They didn’t take a 2nd zero in Damascus. I talked to Coach yesterday and she said they got shuttled back to Damascus because of hurricane force winds on Whitetop Mountain. I will be climbing this tomorrow. Pushing for 17.3 or 23.2 miles tomorrow into Wise Shelter or Old Orchard Shelter. See if I can catch up to my group in the next couple days if they hiked today. If not, I may be ahead of them.

3 Responses to Day 53, May 6th

  1. Ryan Palmer

    Keep it up man I’ll have a jar of shine waiting back home

    • Nick

      Sounds awesome. Be back sometime in August or September.

  2. Memere

    HI NICK; I’m Still trying to follow you. Very interesting journey. You sure have to greet all kinds of weather.Its a good thing your stll young you can take it haha. Glad to hear Gus is feeling better. Talked with your Dad awhile ago, I told him to watch what he eats. Don’t bring back the bird flu haha. China is not the greatest place to go right now. Well, you take care of yourself & Gus, StayHealthy!! God Bless!! Love you, Memere

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