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Day 5-8, March 19-22

Posted by on March 23, 2013

Hey everyone. I took 4 days off to let my knees heal. They are feeling much better now and I am getting back on the trail. Been really boring just sitting around and I am itching to get back to hiking.

I went through my pack and discarded some stuff I don’t need. I also decided to ditch Gus’ pack and sleeping pad. He doesn’t sleep on the pad in my tent, he pushes it away and just sleeps on the floor. Funny little guy. My pack is still under 30lbs even with food for Gus!

It is raining this morning but should be pushing through before I start. Going to start off slow and probably do only 5 miles today.

Have a good one and I will update you soon!


One Response to Day 5-8, March 19-22

  1. Memere

    Hi Nick, Gus: Glad to hear you’re back on the trail again. Just take it slow t’ill your knee feels better. You certainly met nice Baptist people on the way. That must have felt good to have your feet massage. How about Gus does he still wears his shoes? Hope he’s doing well. Take good care of yourselves. I’m keeping both of you in my prayers. So Happy Trail again, God Bless!! Love you, Memere, Always looking forward to hear how you’re doing, Good Luck, Big hug for Gus,haha & you:}

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