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Day 45, April 28th

Posted by on April 29, 2013

Zero day at the Black Bear Resort near Hampton, TN.

-Happy Birthday Gentrye!!!

-Slept in until 10:30am.

-Poured all day. Glad me and Gus and the S.C. Goatherd are warm and dry!

-The owners gutter’s fell off their house and Me, Monk, Solo, and Grinch helped them take it down. We earned a free Guinness!

-Watched 4 movies in the Bear Den. Shawshank, Signs, Planet of the Apes, and As Good As It Gets.

-Ate a bunch of food. Not surprising.


2 Responses to Day 45, April 28th

  1. Memere

    Always love to read about how you’re doing,considering you have good & bad weather. you seem to be enjoying yourself. Its nice to know that your not alone. Still have a good appetite,but burning lots of calories. Is Gus eating well also? He must be getting used being out in the wilderness. So keep on writing in your Trail Journal, always looking forward to read about how you & Gus are doing. God Bless!! Love You, Memere

  2. GentleyBT

    Thanks buddy, it was a rather fantastic birthday!!! Climbed in the morning, worked the film. festival and met/hung with some awesome athletes in the evening. Schulte made a surprise appearance Saturday night with several other BD athletes. Awesome to see an old friend and make some new ones (page made some new friends too — two and four legged varieties).

    Glad you are doing well, lots of love from me and Kenneyman!

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