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Day 44, April 27th

Posted by on April 29, 2013

Stayed in the Mountaineer Shelter last night with Gus. Was very warm. We were all packed in like sardines.

Played and learned Euchre with Monk, Solo, and Coach before bed. Me and Coach got our butts kicked. First time for both me and Coach so it was expected.

We got up around 8:30am and got on the trail around 9:20am. We had a 15.6 mile day today to get to the Black Bear Resort. Weather is supposed to be rainy and cold tomorrow so we all decided to hit the hostel and see what happens.

We ate lunch by Hardcore Falls. Pretty nice. I ate an awesome sharp cheddar cheese and pepperoni on a tortilla. Plus a bunch of other snacks. I eat so much and I still am always hungry. This hiking is the best diet plan ever.

My knee is feeling great in the new brace I have. Hurt a little in the morning but other than that smooth sailing.

We were lucky in that we made it to Moreland Gap Shelter just as it started raining. We got hydrated and put on our rain gear and headed back out. Just another 6 miles to get to the road crossing and another 0.4 miles to the Black Bear Resort.

It rained the rest of the way to the hostel. Not too bad but glad to be out of the rain. Me, Coach, Monk, and Solo rented a cabin to stay the night.

We got shuttled into town by the owners and stopped at Browns Hardware and Dollar General to resupply into Damascus, VA. We also stopped at Subway and McDonalds to grab some food. I got a foot long sub and then a Big Mac with fries. Ate half the sub and the Big Mac and fries. Also ate two cookies. Stuffed. I haven’t ever eaten that much food in one sitting.

When we got back to the hostel we enjoyed some beer and watched Spaceballs and Out Cold in the Bear Den. The Bear Den is a room where they have a TV and computer for the hikers to use. Had a great time.

Decided we are taking a zero day tomorrow to stay out of the heavy storms coming through. We are becoming fair weather hikers. But we have all decided that once we hit Damascus, VA we are going to start doing higher mileage. I am itching to get more miles under my belt.

Talk with you all later.

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