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Day 42, April 25th

Posted by on April 27, 2013

Zero day because Coach got the Noro.

-The breakfast at Mountain Harbour was amazing as described. Tons of food. I have pics!

-Gus played with Robert. The hostel owners dog. And also barked at horses and goats.

-Beat Solo and Monk at Scrabble at the Happy Cafe. Ate an egg salad bagel sandwich. Also we bought a dozen donuts. I got 2 raspberry filled for my self. Awesome.

-Bought an awesome knee brace. Pain is way less. Lets hope this trend continues.

-Resupplied for the next two days into Hampton, TN. Bought a lot more snacks since my hunger has been out of control.

-Watched Men In Black and hung out at the hostel before bed.

-Ordered a Kindle Paperwhite 3G and had it sent to the post office in Damascus, VA. About 5-6 days north.

-David was really nice and paid for our breakfast and also our stay. We did work for stay and got the second night for free also. We all spread mulch and cleaned up downed branches from the tenting area. Love this place.

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