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Day 40, April 23rd

Posted by on April 27, 2013

Woke up late from the Apple Orchard around 8:30am. Left the camp around 10:30am. Sat around the fire for breakfast and took it easy.

Me, Monk, Coach, and Solo took a really long lunch at Clyde Smith Shelter. We met Artemus Gordon. He was taking a zero to rest his ankles or knees. We laid out in the sun and just enjoyed the afternoon.

Had a pretty easy climb up to Little Rock Knob. Had some nice views. Took some pics and moved on. Was dreading the climb up Roan Mountain because it was the end of the day.

Once we got on Roan Mountain I was surprised at all the switchbacks. It made the climb really easy. Can’t tell you how long it takes climbing a mountain by all switchbacks. Kind of annoys me. The trail was recently rerouted too.

We got to the Roan Mountain Shelter around 7:00pm. It is the highest shelter on the AT at 6194 feet. Supposedly it was supposed to be cold there but we found a nice spot in the attic. Nice and warm and out if the wind. First time me and Gus have slept in a shelter together.

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