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Day 4

Posted by on March 19, 2013

Cold and rainy. Had to climb up Blood Mountain today. It was a 1400 foot climb over 4 miles which isn’t too bad. I have no issue going up. Made it in good time to the shelter on the summit. Me and Gus had a snack then headed out because it was windy and we were in the middle of a cloud. Stop too long and we would get really cold. Gus was even shivering. It took me forever to get down. Glad that is over.

I met up with Cody and Evan at Mountain Crossings Outfitter at Neels Gap. We made our way over to Blood Mountain cabins and got a cabin for the night. We had to sneak Gus in because they don’t allow pets. Felt bad about that but it was really nice to have a hot shower and comfortable bed. Going to take tomorrow off and maybe another day depending on the condition of my knees. Talk to you all later.

FYI: No wifi here. Pics will have to wait until a later date. Sorry about that.

3 Responses to Day 4

  1. Jen Dutton

    I always feel bad about sneaking my dog into places too, but I just feel like those rules were made for the unruly dogs…..NOT my dog. hahaha. I bet Gus was a model citizen!

  2. Memere

    Thinking of you & Gus: I really love to read about how you’re doing every day. I find it very exciting. And I look Forward to open my computer every day.You are a good writer. Take care, Luv u, Memere

  3. Dad

    Hey Nick … I’m glad Your Knee appears to be healing and taking a day off to rest it is a smart move 🙂 I hope the weather is cooperating, after all, it’s the first day of SPRING! 🙂 I’ll be checking on You regularly, so keep Your Audience on “Pins & Needles”! 🙂

    God Speed & God Bless You & Gus!


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