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Day 38, April 21st

Posted by on April 22, 2013

Short day today. Only about 8-9 miles. Needed after yesterday’s long haul.

Woke up at the cabin around 8:00am. Took a hot shower and got ready for the day.

Weighed my pack with 4 days if food for me and Gus and it came to 28.7 lbs. pretty damn good. I was the lightest of the 4 I am hiking with. 🙂

Got on the trail around 10:30-11:00am. Once we started hiking my right knee was bothering me and I took it slow. I guess that’s what happens the day after a longer hike. Hopefully it feels better tomorrow.

Made it to Curley Maple Gap Shelter around 1:00pm. Are lunch and lounged around in the sun for 2 hours. Awesome break.

Left there around 3:00pm and we all decided to hike another 4.1 miles to Indian Grave Gap to spend the night.

Nice easy day. Little colder tonight. Supposed to be in the 30s. We all got in our tents around 7:00pm. I’m glad to be warm and out of the wind.

2 Responses to Day 38, April 21st

  1. Dad

    Hey Nick,
    Sounds like You’ve had a rough couple of days. I Hope that You are feeling better and it’s good that You’re taking time to rest up and build Your Strength! Don’t overdo it, because You need Your Knees to be strong to make it rest of the way 🙂 Hopefully, the weather cooperates and You have smooth sailing the rest of the way. I’m assuming Gus is doing well and is loving every minute of it 🙂 Stay Safe & God Speed!

  2. Memere

    Hi Nick, Gus: Your Dad’s message say’s it all. He’s good with words just like you are. Do take time to rest, you need to keep strong & healthy. It seems your going through all kinds of weather. Glad to hear your also having the :sunshine” to keep you warm. God Bless!! Love You, Memere Keep writing, always love to know how you & Gus are doing. Good Night!! Passed my bed time.

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