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Day 34, April 17th

Posted by on April 17, 2013

Had thunderstorms last night and found two ticks crawling on me. I didn’t sleep well. Woke up to rain and decided to hangout in the tent until it stopped.

Started packing up camp around 10:00am and on the trail with Mellow Jonny at 11:00am. It started raining again 30 minutes after we left. Our plan to wait out the rain failed.

We made it 5 miles to Flint Mountain Shelter and took a break. We had some luck and our lunch coincided with a pretty good downpour. We stayed dry and when we finished lunch the sun was shining.

The forest changes when the sun comes out after a rain. It was a beautiful sight to see. Just another reason why being out here is so great.

We had a 1600 foot climb up to a view that was pretty nice other than being able to see the highway. Think it was the Blue Ridge Parkway. Another climb and me and Gus made it to Hogback Ridge Shelter. Tough day.

The Goat Herd is not here. They are probably another 4 miles ahead. I will try to catch them tomorrow. They were smart and left early in the morning instead if waiting out the rain.

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be hot. I have heard 80 degrees. Hopefully there will be wind. Because that is too hot for me right now.

Another 15 mile day. 26.5 miles until Erwin, TN and a food resupply. It’s about 8:20pm right now and me and Gus are in our tent ready for bed. Talk with you all later.

3 Responses to Day 34, April 17th

  1. Ryan

    Congrats on the 300mi mark, Mang! We are proud!
    You are in our thoughts.

    Be Safe,
    Ryan, Adri, and Grayson

  2. Memere

    Hi Nick & Gus: Can’t go to bed without checking on you. Wow, it’s alreadr been over a month since you’ve been hiking the App. Trail. You’ve been very lucky to see so much beauty along the way ,& meeting lots of good people. I talked to your Dad last night, he sure had a big laugh about my asking you,what ‘hit the wall meant”haha.Well, I know what it means now. Good Night! Take Care! God Bless! Love You, Memere

  3. GentleyBT

    Saw on The Colbert Report that Brood II Cicadas are about to hatch in the BILLIONS from NC to NY… hope they’re not too terrible for you. Might give Gus something fun to hunt for quite a while.

    Love you Buddy, G

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