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Day 33, April 16th

Posted by on April 16, 2013

Peanut woke everyone up at 6:00am. It was really humid out but a cool morning. We got on the trail at 7:00am. Half of the Goat Herd stayed at Deep Gap and half stayed somewhere further. We caught up with them about 2 miles down the trail about to break camp.

I ran out of water around 5 miles before the next water source. It was hot and I didn’t plan very well. Hopefully a learning experience.

We had some really cool views today. One from Blackstack Cliffs and the other from Big Firescald Knob. Actually had an exposed ridge walk on that one.


I leaned today the Gus is an awesome rock climber. We had an 8 foot drop to go check out Blackstack Cliff and he just did it. On the way back he just jumped right up without hesitation. I was very proud of my little buddy and even more impressed.

The Goat Herd and I are camping at Bald Ridge tonight. Pretty cool spot. It’s exactly like it sounds. A big field on a ridge. Gus chased some sticks and had the whole group watching some of the Goat Herd play frisbee. He was chasing it around at full speed trying to catch it. Pretty good stuff.

Anyways, I’m getting tired and I have to check for ticks before bed. I will update again soon.

Update: Went over 300 miles today. Now camped at mile 301.1.

3 Responses to Day 33, April 16th

  1. Memere

    IT’S 1;45 am. can’t go to bed without checking on you & Gus. Love to read about the highlght of your day. Especially how GUS is holding.on. He seems to be having fun along the way, a good little buddy to have with you. That was a real beautifull picture you took, what a view. Well, I guess I’ll be going to bed. So keep on writing, Keep well, Safe Journey, God Bless, Love You, Memere

  2. Jacques

    Hi Nick,

    What is your and Gus’ trail name?


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