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Day 3

Posted by on March 19, 2013

Had a rough day today. Got up with very sore knees. Had a hiker I met offer to take Gus off my hands for about half if our 9 miles hike into Lance Creek. Thanks Tina.

I had my first trail magic today. After leaving Gooch Mountain around 9:45am I made it to Gooch Gap and was greeted with hot French toast and a two beer minimum. Cody, Evan , and I sat around the fire and enjoyed the free food and three beers. Helped my knees out a lot for the next couple miles. We headed out and were given two road sodas!

We were greeted again by trail magic 2.5 miles down the trail at Woody Gap. Me and Gus and the other guys got hot dogs, chips, and soda. They were a Baptist church and even washed and massaged out feet. Lol. Weird but very relaxing. They were really nice people.

After that we had another couple miles to go. We were supposed to camp at Lance Creek but it was closed because if high bear activity. We stayed at the Dockery Lake Trail intersection with a bunch of other hikers. It was tent city. Wish I would have taken a picture but my iPhone was dead and hung my charger from a tree with my food.

It was a great day even with the pain I was in from my knees. Going to take a day off when I get to Neels Gap.

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