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Day 28, April 11th

Posted by on April 11, 2013

Finished the Smoky’s today. Did a total of 18 miles. Best yet. Also, got to pickup Gus!!! Very awesome to see him again.

Left the shelter at 8:10am. Pushed it pretty hard up the 800 foot climb right out of camp. After the climb it was all downhill to the intersection with I-40. Did 10.7 miles in 3 hours and 20 minutes. Made it before noon. Felt pretty good about that.

Picked up Gus from the Standing Bear Hostel. Enjoyed a cheese pizza and 3 Cokes. I would regret this later. Stayed at the hostel for about 2 hours and hung out with the Goat Herd.

We all left the hostel around 2:00pm. Had a rough 2500 foot elevation gain over 4 miles. Was feeling nauseated the whole way up. Won’t be stuffing myself and drinking soda before anymore hard climbs.

We were all going to stay at a campsite 3 miles from the hostel but it didn’t work out. No nearby water source and we all needed water. It was also on a ridge and with the weather forecast we decided against it.

Ended up covering the next 6.9 miles to get to the Groundhog Creek Shelter. The forecast calls for thunderstorms with hail and damaging winds. Me and Gus are hanging out in the tent now because it just started raining. We will see what transpires. Excited for the thunderstorm. Maybe not the hail.

I will post again if we make it through the night. 😉

4 Responses to Day 28, April 11th

  1. GentleyBT

    Sounds like some awesome adventures are transpiring 🙂 Pagus is shivering already just thinking about your long rainy night ahead!

  2. Memere

    It Sure sounds all very excitng. Your little Buddy must have been very happy to see you. Nick, what does it mean when you say, you hit a wall?? I remember you saying that when you hurt your leg. Anyway I’ll be hoping & praying for better weather, I think you could enjoy some sunshine. So Good Luck!! God Bless!!, You& Gus!! Love You, Memere

  3. Memere

    Thanks Nick, now I know. I really thought you did hit a wall.haha. We’ve had rain & snow yesterday, today its all gone. Waiting for warm weather so I can go cruising at the beach haha. Is Gus enjoying the outdoors? I bet he has a lot of energy. Well, Good Luck , Happy Trail, God Bless!! Luv U, Memere

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