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Day 24, April 7th

Posted by on April 9, 2013

Started the day at Russell Field Shelter. Had a good first night in the shelter. Was quiet and warm. Actually started sweating in my sleeping bag.

Left the shelter around 9:00am. The Smoky ridge runner told us that the next 6.3 miles were the hardest in the park. He was right. It was a lot of ups and downs. We made good time but it was tough.

I feel like I am getting stronger everyday. Able to hike 3+ miles per hour over the whole day no matter the terrain. Also I am hungry all the time now. I need to get higher calorie food.

Had a really beautiful hike on some ridges today with views for miles. Best views we have had the entire trail. Even with the wind we had today it was very comfortable.

I am hiking with 9 other thru-hikers right now. We are calling ourselves the Goat Herd. Pretty funny stuff. We are spread out during the day and when we catch up we make goat noises. Pretty hilarious to hear it in the middle of the woods.

I ended the day at Silers Bald shelter. A total of 14.7 miles today. Pretty tired after the hard mileage. Hitting the sleeping bag early tonight.

Tomorrow we will reach the highest point on the entire trail, Clingmans Dome. I will also go over the 200 mile mark. Only another 1900 miles to go. 🙂

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