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Day 23, April 6th

Posted by on April 9, 2013

Had to say bye to Gus today. 🙁 Kind of bummed but it was nice to hike alone for the first time. Standing Bear Hostel picked Gus up at 10:15am. Curtis, the hostel owner, drive me to the store so I could resupply until Gatlinburg, TN.

Big Agnes is sending me a new tent body free of charge to replace the one with the Gus hole. I have to pick it up from the post office in Garlinburg, TN.

I got on the trail and entered Great Smoky Mountain National Park at 11:30am. Really excited to be here. Going to be awesome.

Had really great weather today. Sunny skies and a refreshing cool wind on the ridges. I saw an owl flying, heard some coyotes, and had a bat come close between me and another hiker, Mountain Goat. Another thru-hiker from New Hampshire.

I now have a trail name. It is Sticks. Because I am always finding sticks for Gus and because Gus loves them I think. Who knows but I like it.

I made it 13.8 miles today over pretty good terrain. Lots of uphill early on in the sun that kicked my butt. I am now sitting around the fire with a bunch of other hikers I have been with the last several days. Good to be with a big group for now.

I will update you guys again soon hopefully. I don’t have a lot of charge in my phone or external battery so it may be a couple to several days before another update.

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