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Day 21, April 4th

Posted by on April 5, 2013

Had a miserable hike today but fun. Woke up at around 8:30am to a downpour. Got ready and packed up all my wet gear. Waited the downpour out in the shelter and headed down the trail around 10:30am in freezing rain.

Decided to get off the trail for the night at Stecoah Gap. It was only 6.7 miles from the shelter. Short day but glad I got Gus all dried out. He would have froze if we stayed out.

Trees were covered with ice. Branches were falling down around us as we made our way to the gap. Very pretty to look at.

We both were soaked by the time we made the 6.7 miles. The freezing rain turned back to a downpour and it was miserable. Glad we got picked up by the people who run Cabin in the Woods.

They put me with another thru-hiker in one of their cabins instead of the hostel because it was booked. Charged us the same. Awesome people. They made us a delicious dinner. I ate way too much.

Went to bed around 10:00pm. Very warm and comfortable and glad to be out of the weather. Back to the trail in the morning.

3 Responses to Day 21, April 4th

  1. Dad

    Hey Nick,
    Happy to hear that You & Gus are making progress even in the dismal weather conditions. Hopefully You won’t need “Snow Shoes” 🙂 It’s also great that You’re meeting some gracious people on the trail willing to help. Sounds like You have Gus under control 🙂 … And hope Your Knee is getting stronger!
    God Speed & God Bless You & Gus!

    • Nick

      Thanks pops. Everything is going well. Feel like we are getting into a rhythm. Hope everything is going well for you too. I will give you a call soon.

      • Dad

        I’m heading to China for a couple weeks in May and I heard on CNN last night that people are dying from the Chicken Flu … I hope it gets better, because I’m not eating any Chicken while I’m there 🙂
        The temps will be in the 70’s here this weekend and into next week … So I think Spring is finally here 🙂
        Tale Care,

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