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Day 19, April 2nd

Posted by on April 3, 2013

Well, another great day. Good views, good people, good weather, and good mileage.

Woke up this morning at Wayah Bald shelter at 8:30am. Best nights sleep I’ve had on the trail thus far. Packed up and on the trail at 9:30am.

Had a tough climb up to the next shelter on Copper Ridge Bald. Great lookout point where I stopped for breakfast.

After another 2.9 miles me and Gus made it to Tellico Gap. From above it looked like someone was setup giving trail magic but once we got there it was a big group of thru-hikers eating lunch on the grass in the sun. I opted to do the same. I destroyed a tuna salad packet, about 5 pieces of cheese, 20-25 pepperoni’s, and a snickers. It was delicious and much needed.

Had another climb of about 800 feet over the next 1.2 miles to Wesser Bald. No views… Was going to stay at this shelter because the next one 5 miles ahead didn’t have any camping supposedly. The guide was wrong and from the thru-hiker grapevine it was made known that there was lots of camping. So we pushed on.

Made it 15.5 miles today. Felt good to keep up the higher mileage. Tomorrow the group I am with are going to get up early and head the 1 mile to the Nantahala Outdoor Center for breakfast at the restaurant there. After that I can resupply and head back out on the trail. Only a couple more days until I enter the Smokies and say bye to Gus for about a week.

3 Responses to Day 19, April 2nd

  1. Jennifer

    Will you explain about trail magic….what is that exactly? Why do you have to leave Gus for a week?

    • Nick

      Trail magic is people being generous with soda, beer, food, etc along the trail. The people are called trail angels.

      I have to leave Gus behind because dogs are not allowed in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

  2. Memere

    Hope someone is taking good care of Gus. I’m sure he’ll miss you. Happy Trail!! God Bless!! Luv u, Memere

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