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Day 18, April 1st

Posted by on April 1, 2013

Got up around 9:30am this morning at the hotel. Took a shower and packed up my things to get a shuttle to Winding Stair Gap.

Couldn’t find a shuttle so a nice couple took me over to the Budget Inn to catch the 11:00am shuttle from Ron Haven. Once we got there Ron told me he doesn’t shuttle people who stay at the Microtel. It was kind of ridiculous. Anyways, the same couple decided to take me to the trailhead. I was very appreciative.

Once I started down the trail my legs were a bit stiff from the day off. Did the 4 miles to Siler Bald in under an hour and a half. Which was really good considering how my legs felt.

Me and Gus took a side trail up to the summit and got an amazing view. The mountain top was just a big field. 360 degree views. Pretty awesome. I took some pics. Played some fetch with Gus and just took in the scenery.

I ran into some trail magic at one of the gaps and enjoyed a cold beer. Only stayed for one because any more and I would have probably stayed the night. 🙂
I met Miss Janet too. For anyone that doesn’t know, she is kind of an Appalachian Trail celebrity. She does a lot of trail magic and is part of the trail culture.

Another 6 miles after trail magic brought me to Wayah Bald. Another 360 degree view better than the last. This summit also had a stone observation structure which was pretty neat. Didn’t stay up there too long because I was getting hungry and the shelter was only .9 miles away.

Made Mac and cheese for dinner and sat by the fire with some really nice people. A couple of them I had met before and it was nice to catch up. Pretty tired today even though it was only 11 miles. Glad to be back on the trail though. Going to stay away from zero days for awhile. They cost a lot of money and my body gets used to soft beds and hot showers. Lol. Talk with y’all later.

One Response to Day 18, April 1st

  1. Memere

    Happy to hear you’re meeting lots of nice people,and able to view so much of nature”s beauty. So Good Luck as you travel along with your Buddy Gus. Luv u, God Bless!!, Memere

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