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Day 15, March 29th

Posted by on March 30, 2013

Had a pretty good day today. 16.2 miles. Best yet. Left the Muskrat Gap shelter at 9:15am and made it to Betty Creek Gap at 3:50pm. Pretty good time.

Planned on staying at Carver Gap Shelter at 12.5 miles but when I got there it was freezing and there was no way I was going to sleep there. So headed down the trail another 3.7 miles to Betty Creek Gap.

Climbed Standing Indian Mountain today. Pretty easy considering it had an elevation gain of around 1200 feet. But it was in 2.4 miles.

Upon descending it started snowing and getting windy. Nothing like hiking in just short sleeves in the snow and being comfortable. Everyone else was in jacket, winter hat and gloves. 😛 Guess I do have some advantages for being in New Hampshire for the winter.

When I made it to Betty Creek Gap I did all the normal camp routine. Set up my tent, blew up my holy sleeping pad, laid out my sleeping bag, and got my food and stove ready for dinner.

Once I finished dinner it stated snowing again so I quickly put Gus in the tent so he wouldn’t get wet and freeze overnight. Then hung my bear bag. Gus saw me throwing something and got excited and ripped a hole in the mesh tent door to come play. So now there is a Gus sized hole in the door to my tent… I sewed it up but poorly. I was not a happy camper.

In my tent now getting ready for bed. Heading to Franklin, NC tomorrow for some resupply, hot shower and real bed.

One Response to Day 15, March 29th

  1. Dad

    Happy Easter Nick! 🙂 I hope that Your Knee is Feel’n Betta … It’s good that You’re tak’n some zero days to get your strength back 🙂 Looks like You’ve learned a lot about taking a Border Collie on a major hiking expedition 🙂 You should write an article about the adjustments You made for other hikers 🙂 Gus is definitely “High Energy” , which is probably an understatement 🙂 I Hope that the weather gets warmer for You & Gus! I like the photos, so keep’m com’n 🙂
    I wish You & Gus God Speed & God Bless!

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