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Day 14, North Carolina, March 28th

Posted by on March 30, 2013

Made it through my first state! Georgia is all done. All 84.1 miles of it plus the 8.8 miles of the approach trail! Now for North Carolina!

Got up a little late today. Around 8:30am. Packed up and ate breakfast. Then chatted with some people at the shelter. We left together at around 10:00am. I left them behind around 10:15am. They were older and I didn’t see then again until the Muskrat Gap Shelter.

I made it the 4.4 miles from the shelter to the GA/NC border sign at around noon. Me and Gus took a break and ate some lunch. I made some phone calls and Gus ate sticks. Pretty usual for Gus whenever we are not hiking. 🙂

I made it to the Muskrat Gap Shelter at 2:00pm after climbing some pretty steep mountains with no views. No views seems to be the trend in the southern Appalachians.

I set up my tent and just lazed around until 5:00pm when I made dinner. Macaroni and Cheese! It was pretty good.

Got into my tent around 7:00pm after hanging my bear bag, filling up and filtering water, and talking with some people at the shelter.

Found out I have a hole somewhere in my sleeping pad that deflates it very slowly. Can’t find it. Will fix it in a couple days when I am in town. That’s all for today.

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