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January Update

Posted by on January 26, 2013

January has been a pretty crazy month. I moved from Amarillo, TX to Pembroke, New Hampshire. Been taking it easy since I have been back. Seeing friends and family and just enjoying my time here. Gus has really enjoyed being in New Hampshire too. Lots of room for him to run and tons of sticks to eat.

I have been slowly buying the rest of the gear I will need for my hike. Almost done with that. Gus is now all set. He got a backpack, boots, and bed. I ordered for myself: trail-runners, Leatherman multi-tool, pack towels, pack rain cover, an awesome Marmot fleece mid-layer jacket, and an external battery/charger for my iPhone. Once I test everything I will write more about it on the “Nick’s Gear” page.

I also received my 2013 A.T. Guide. This has all the information I will need to hike the trail. Locations, mileages, town maps and services, and elevation profiles. I will not be bringing maps with me, so I will be relying on the guide to help me along the way.

The “Where’s Nick?’ page will be updated to include a Google Map showing my location. I will try to create way-points as often as possible so you all can keep tabs on me.

Not much going on here. Getting really anxious and excited to start. Hopefully it will go by fast. If any of you reading this have any questions or just want to leave a comment fill out the form below.

Have a good one.

5 Responses to January Update

  1. James Mcglasson

    Excited for you. Hey, if something happens to you on the trail can i have Gus?

  2. James Mcglasson

    does it have to be a bear, what about a rockslide

  3. Mom

    We will be following you!

  4. Brian


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