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Our Gear

We will be updating this when we finalize our packs. With over a year to prepare it may be a while.

Nick’s 2013 Appalachian Trail Gear

2 Responses to Our Gear

  1. Memere

    Nick, I just finished watching your video & of all the equipment you are carrying with you. WOW!!! You certainly have a great love for hiking. I guess you always did love the geat ouydoors. So Good Luck!! It takes a lot of determination & courage, You do have it.. Every night I’m keeping you & Gus in my prayers. I know you can do it. So keep on trucking. God Bless!! Luv U, Memere

  2. DontNoDontCare

    Sticks, finally got around to checking out your blog . . . sorry to hear you fell into the monotony of of hiking solo . . . the young dude that walked a couple of days with me and Lost Cause, “Sherpa,” ran into feet problems and bailed out in early June . . . but, nevertheless, tomorrow is another day and the trail is there for us to move forward on for the rest of our tymes on Planet Earth.

    Thx again for the advice about getting smart on coding and then diving into coding my vision. I’m still taking care of my Mon-Fri day job, but it’s days are numbered and I’ll soon be focused on becoming a billionaire. : ) . . . which certainly trumps getting elected to Congress. DontNoDontCare aka Mark

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